Latest News

Version 2.14 (12/12/08)

- RPGWOEdit2.exe, added an import feature that can bring in seperately saved maps into the current map you are working on.

Version 2.14 (12/09/08)

- Added Last Man Standing (LMS) and Capture The Flag (CTF) automated events to Horizon.
- Artifact weapons are now activated!!! I finally came up with an idea for them. They do dynamic damage based on your skill, like how Unarmed Attack works with no weapon armed. The higher your skill, the higher the damage. They also... self repair!! Just disarm it, leave in inventory or on the ground and they will slowly repair themselves. Artifact Orb also has dynamic power rating and self repair. You can still repair Artifact items on an Artifact Anvil, for faster repairs.
- Looking for 2 @@ Admins for Horizon. I am just not able to be on enough and it is in desperate need of more quests and newb player helpers. Requirements:
- Real Admins don't play the world they admin therefore, your mainland horizon player must be deleted (it can always be restored if you quit admin)
- Must have 1 year of playing RPGWO, 8 years prefered, heh
- No previous admin experience needed but some is a plus
- Can use RpgwoEdit2.exe to make quest maps
- Can't be infamous or generally hated in the community
- Mature, over the age of 30 is a plus, but must be at least 20 years old, might make an exception
If you think you got the right stuff and can commit yourself for 20+ years, email me at MKUDLO@HOTMAIL.COM with real name, age, player names you use now and used in the past, years played RPGWO, favorite color, a 10 page essay on why UT is the best thing that happened to RPGWO, and some of your ideas for quests and stuff you would add. Subject line "Horizon Admin Application"... Thanks!

Version 2.14 (11/26/08)

- FINALLY got Zephyrium weapons added to Horizon!!!

Version 2.14 (10/24/08)

- adjusted combat XP up a notch (did it last weekend)
- fixed damon golems, they will return back to an item when players not around or if server restarts
- bridges can be torn down
- changed range of Bow from 6 to 8

Version 2.14 (10/22/08)

- changed Tames... your tames get removed from world when you leave and placed back when you come back. Exceptions are Traders always stay in and any tame on your land stays in always.
- Tames now shared Xp with owners. As of this writing it is set to 1%. The owner must be in world and within sight of the tame to get the XP.
- Halloween Event started up on Horizon!!!

Version 2.14 (10/13/08)

- added Chat Filter to the client so you can filter what words you want, look for the button in the OPTIONS tab
- added Ignore or Muzzle for the client. Instead of using /ignore command line, please use the Ignore button in the OPTIONS tab. You can easily select names and ignore or un-ignore them. It also ignores ALL other players from the same logon name. A chat tab called "Ignored" will show up to let you know it is working plus allow you to peek at what they say if you choose to. SO PLEASE don't complain to admin(s) that certain players need to be muzzled, etc, ... DO IT YOURSELVES!

Version 2.13 (10/13/08)

- been updating Horizon and V2 on an almost daily basis: bug fixes, maps, features, etc
- /surface is disabled so the only way to surface is to use items on the ground like ore sheets
- Marble Ore can now be turned into Marble sheets that can be used to surface ground
- added more surface choices for wood plank surfacing
- NPC traders: changed the weaponsmith, armorer, and bowyer to buy only monster drops or quest spawn items
- Sorry if I don't mention every fix and update... their is just so much going on,it hard to keep track and still add new stuff, etc.

Version 2.13 (10/01/08)

- opened Horizon world

Version 2.13 (09/16/08)

- started making the real Horizon world and it should be ready by October 1st.
- V2 now stores player data and maps in the folder .

Version 2.11 (08/06/08)

- I have been quiet lately because I have been busy working hard on V2. So here is what's going on and my general plan...
- After a month of multi-map testing, I decided it was time to redo the .ini files (content) for my fantasy worlds. Tons of work and re-work but I finally got it done enough to open a new world. 2 of the major things I re-worked was I added ore weapons and I changed how blacksmith works. Blacksmith is like jewelry making now with smelting ores and using molds. You'll see when it comes out soon.
- I am now in the process of resizing the internal structures, adding more space and expanding fields like player name from size 20 to 50, carry items from 50 to 100, etc. I should have this wrapped up within the week.
- Then I am going to open up a test world in which I will need 5-10 veteran players to test all these changes out. A veteran is a player who has hit at least level 40 and has played (off and on) for several years. The test world will be restricted access so you will have to email me when it shows up on the server list for me to consider you and grant access. I'll probably give @@ at that time and give other incentives to find bugs. Incentives like special items, perks, land, etc when the real world opens. The test world will only be open for a few weeks and will be wiped. Also, Chaos will have to be closed since it would have data incompatibilities.
- When I am satisfied the test world has dealt with all the bugs, then I will open a new world to all players. It will replace Asylum and be the new "Newb Friendly" world that I will run. I am shooting for the glory days of Steeltide and plan to build and code like the good ol' days. Actually, that is all I have been doing lately!!!
- Chaos will probably remain closed and probably won't come back until X-mas time. It would be fully wiped. Maybe it would come back sooner if players requested it but I doubt it. - So that is what is planned and going on. I know a lot of you have been emailing me and asking for a new world and better admin involvement, so just hang in there.

Version 2.11 (05/30/08)

- added multi-map support to Chaos. It is not fully implemented yet but for now allows more levels underground. Soon, it will allow me to expand maps, create seperate quest maps or areas, give ability to load and unload areas if anyone is there, give seperate maps for houses, etc.
- wiped everything on Chaos except player stats. I did this because the multi-map changes had data incompatibilities. I'll try to make it up by giving out goodies.

Version 2.11 (05/06/08)

- you can now place multiple items in the same spot on the map!!! This of course required extensive coding and modification so expect to find some bugs.
- by clicking on the same spot on the map with multiple items there, it will cycle through them so you can do usage on it or pick it up, etc Te VIEW tab also displays the items for picking up.

Version 2.10 (04/14/08)

- moved item usage form to the Usage tab
- moved hotkey form to the Hotkey tab
- subtype containers added, so you could make something like a book where the item only accepts subtypes of type Paper. This was mainly added to support blueprints for modern worlds but has application to fantasy worlds say for organizing potions, seeds, jewelry, etc into a common sack or something.
- you can now do multi-use from within containers, just right click on the item and if it available, then it will show up.
- started messing with multi-item at one spot coding so if anything weird going on with items then let me know. So far I am only dealing with the client since it won't require any version changes yet.
- added a second tab in HELP for a local world help file

Version 2.8 (04/04/08)

- Had to disable the ssurface smoothening due to some bugs that I don\t have time to fix yet cuz I broke plants, heh, and need to fix those first. This just affects Version 2 worlds like Chaos.

Version 2.7 (03/19/08)

- Version 2 client now has ability to smoothen surfaces. Just flat grass/dirt for now. In the OPTIONS tab, toogle "Smoothen Surfaces" to try it out. Warning: It will dramatically increase RAM and disk space needed. In about 5 minutes, it created over 30 meg of tiles. Not to mention CPU cycles blending the tiles. It creates s folder in the Chaos.files called textures. Feel free to delete everything in there it creates if you don't wanna use it and you worried your hard drive is to weak to handle a few files, heh.